FEU-Link is composed of a core of seven and a pool of volunteers:


Liana Barro is a journalist, educator, PR person and a computer geek. She traversed the world of media for 14 years before she entered the academe in 1997.


She finished BA Communication Journalism from the University of the Philippines, Master of Arts in Communication from FEU and is currently taking up her Doctorate.


Her print experiences started with Daily Express, Philippine Star, Daily Globe and ended with the monthly magazine named Parents Magazine.


Her short stint in TV was as programming manager for Net 27. She entered advertising as copywriter and head AE at Brands and Strategies a subsidiary of Basic FCB.


Her public relations practice started with the senate as media staff, then to a PR agency called Jacinth Management and Associates and then with the Philippine National Construction Corporation.  


She is adviser of the Advocate, FEU’s official student publication.


She handles training courses on Public Relations Strategies, Crisis Management, Leadership Training/ Goal-Setting, News, Feature and Editorial Writing. 


She values personal freedom over intimacy, and enjoys life.


Ma. Vivian G. Estacio was academically trained at the lyceum of the Philippines in Manila to be a journalist. However she found teaching more to her liking and has since then taken it as her lifetime career. She recently completed her Master of Arts in English Language at the De La Salle University in Manila. Currently, she is the Director of the Language Center.


Gerry Marcelo is a graduate of Bachelor of Science of Education from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), finished his Master in Business Administration at the Jose Rizal University, has earned 31 academic units in Master in Educational Administration from the Philippine Normal University and now currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Management at Far Eastern University.

He’s been into the teaching profession for almost twenty years now. Currently he is teaching Sociology and Anthropology at FEU while pursuing his Doctoral degree.
Has written a book on Asian Civilization and is now writing his second on Sociology and Anthropology with Family Planning.

He is also currently involved in chruch work serving as guest pastor in a small church somewhere in Caloocan City.


Marjueve M. Palencia is a writer, editor, graphic artist, philosopher, computer geek and a Teakwondo fan. Educated in Classical Liberal Arts major in Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction (Highest Distinction), and Educational Management, Prof. Palencia teaches Philosophy and Art Appreciation at Far Eastern University.


Prof. Palencia is contest director and editor-in-chief of Transition (FEU’s Literary Journal in English), Associate Editor of Tambuli (FEU Administration Paper), Editor and Graphic Artist of the President’s Report.


Prof. Palencia conducts short training courses in Appreciating Architecture, Looking at Art, Classical Music Fundamentals, Essay Writing and the like.


A handy man, he does all sorts of things from plumbing to carpentry to painting cars in his spare time. His new interest is genealogy.


Ariel G. Ponce, artist. “Latebloomer” is perhaps the best description for Prof. Ariel E.G. Ponce. Content to just teach Fine Arts in the Far Eastern University’s Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts (IARFA), winning in any writing contest was the last thing on his mind. But after being prompted to rediscover his essay writing skills by his Dean in the Institute of Education where he took his Master of Arts in Education, he won second place in the Angel C. Palanca (ACP) Peace Celebration Essay Writing Contest; only his second writing award after a lapse of more than 30 years ago. And the winning tradition continues as Professor Ponce placed third in the same contest the following year before joining the CFO and NCCA sponsored literary contest. He has recently won first place in the ACP essay writing contest held this year. Prof. Ponce has found a new medium in writing as he continually enjoys painting images with palettes of vocabulary.


Ariel R. Valeza teaches Humanities and Literature, sings like a diva, loves to travel and generally has a great lust for life. Stress on “lust” is necessary. He has almost everything brand new: house, ref, and a kid. He has degrees in English, and Curriculum and Instruction (High Distinction), and Educational Management.



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