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FEU-Link is an advocacy, linkage, and service program composed of professors of Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines, which offers free seminars and training services during vacations and breaks, to groups, organizations and schools in the Philippines and Asia, on a broad range of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary topics as a contribution for the advancement of the larger society.

Foremost, FEU-Link advocates proficiency in oral and written communication in the English language, in recognition of the pressing need of English speakers and writers in commerce and in the workplace. As an advocate, it offers free communication skills and English language training to groups of students, teachers and trainors, particularly, the non-native speakers of the language.

FEU-Link advocates strong liberal education. Given the materialism and consumerism that envelope society, it is important to remind ourselves of the other things that really matter. Hence, it offers short courses on liking literature, art appreciation, creative writing, classical music fundamentals and the like.

FEU-Link also advocates accessible education. Education is not necessarily expensive and exclusive. FEU-Link offers short training courses for free on a wide variety of subject matter such as presentation skills, power dressing, resume writing, community media, basic management and other topics of similar nature.

Lastly, FEU-Link advocates skills-based volunteerism. FEU-Link itself is composed of skilled professionals who are committed to share and serve beyond their regular jobs. FEU-Link services are free.

Membership to FEU-Link is by invitation. ©

If you are interested in the services being offered, please contact FEU-Link.

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